Blogging on Blogs

Is it in poor taste to blog about blogging?

So it took me a couple of hours of messing around with WordPress on a test site to put this puppy together. Meanwhile I was thinking it’d be nice to put some forwarding info up on the old blog at Muse Medicine. I was excited to discover that Blogger was still allowing FTP for a little while longer, when I logged in over there. Wrote a snappy little post for the old blog letting people know I’ve moved over here and why. Trying to upload it, however, has taken 3 days of futzing around. *headdesk* My brilliant, wonderful sysadmin-hubby took care of the last hurdle, and the forward is up at last.

On a personal note, three of my aunts called me on the phone in the last week. Now, keep in mind that I don’t often get phone calls from family. I talk to my grandmother about once a week, and that’s pretty much it. Only this week, calls from three of my aunts… one of whom I’d talked to recently and two others I haven’t seen or spoken to in years. I’m beginning to think there’s a family conspiracy to make sure I’m not lonely in my new life as a stay-at-home [insert role here]. Don’t get me wrong though. I loved talking to them. I just find the timing pretty comical.

And just for the sake of something pretty to look at, Behold! A picture I took of a flower.

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  1. I’m glad you’re back online! My sympathies on your health problems. And the family conspiracy. 😉 My mom calls every day, and I’m middle aged. (Though she is healthier than I am. *rolleyes* )

    I’ll be adding you to my Google Reader as soon as I remember how!

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