The Birthday Curse

I joke about my birthday being cursed.

… well, mostly joke. On or within a week of my various birthdays, 34 of them now behind me, I have buried my grandfather, watched my house burn to ashes, suffered through the flu and several gall bladder attacks, been *this close* to being arrested due to someone else being drunk and disorderly in my company…

And that is not all. No, that is not all.

This year, though, has taken the literal birthday cake. On February 13, I lost my sister to a 10 day long struggle with multiple system organ failure. On February 16th, my son very nearly got thrown out of school after being attacked on the school bus by a known bully. On February 18th, my 18 week old puppy broke his right hind leg through the tibia. Here he is with his giant purple cast. He weighs 4.7lbs now.

On February 20th, the Cursed Day itself, I gave the first eulogy I ever had to write. And today my family is bandying about talk of lawyers and never speaking to each other again.

I am boycotting February from now on. FML.

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10 Responses to The Birthday Curse

  1. tambo says:

    Oh my. {{huggs}}

  2. anthony whitt says:

    My birthday curse! I have had such a simalar experience that i am kinda freaked out and relieved at the same time. July 10th is my day of disaster. It started when i was 13 (now 29) every year something horrible happens. This year my good friend and ex roommate jumped/(was thrown?) of a bridge to his death after being arrested in florida. I have had car accidents on my bday, house broken into, broken bones, been in the hospital multiple times on my bday…give or take a few days in some cases. sooo I decided to hide from now on and lay low during the july timeframe. But I noticed that there is no hiding as it only hurts others close to me. After googling the idea of Birthday curse I have realized that there are many with the same problems.

    One quick question…. do you know the exact start *year* when it began and did you do anything that that could have provoked it? I remember that when i was thirteen I was so upset that I cursed out God on my bday!! I am not religous…. just curious.

  3. arizela says:

    Mine started by all accounts either when I was 2 and the sheriff had to break up my family because my mother was in a drunken rage, or when I was 8 and my baby brother burned our house down. I don’t really remember the years before the house, so it’s hard to say for sure. My sympathies to you, fellow birthday cursee. Hope they get better. Mine tend to if I don’t celebrate at all, but that’s difficult since my husband’s family is gung-ho! for birthdays, eesh.

    I’m sure the whole thing is just a series of unfortunate coincidences and the universe doesn’t really have it out for us on our birthdays, but superstition is human nature and you get tired of fighting it after a while, I guess. In any case, the cake and party decor just sort of lose their appeal, don’t they?

  4. barbara says:

    Yep. I googled it too. Had to. Mine is cursed as well and it’s in two days!! But the “magic” is already happening…

    Will it ever get better?

  5. Jackie says:

    I can feel the anxiety already!!! Nov 27th has been a day of grief for me my whole life! My parents were divorced that day, a family member put away for unforgivable things. And my nanny passed on that day! It feels as if I should be preparing for devastation now rather then anything positive!

  6. Tabs says:

    Mine started when I was 9…I started feeling depressed that very day(can’t give too much detail)…I just turned 26. Its the most depressing day…this was my 3rd boyfriend in like ever and al 3 chose to tell me on or near this day that they’ve cheated on me and we broke up. I get sick every year on this day or these depressing things happen or my family forgets… I am gaga over birthdays but can’t seem to enjoy mine cause I’m always waiting for the bad to happen. Can’t help wondering. ..

  7. Garrett says:

    For the last four years on my birthday someone close to me has tried to kill themselves.. Today is my birthday and I’m freaked the fuck out.

  8. king says:

    yo i have the same experience things always seem to happen on my birthdays that i try to leave the house but it always seems to skip main birthdays like 10th 16th 18th 21st yada yada is this the same for everyone else? or is it every birthday? my brother broke his arm 3 years in a row i had 2 flat tires and was held up in huge traffic another and my dog has passed as my most prominent it only seems to happen if i wan’t to celebrate away from home though if i have an at home party nothing goes wrong? and if it’s a main birthday everything is fine.

    does anyone know a cause?

  9. Sarah McCutchen says:

    I also have the dreaded birthday curse. Though some are worse than others, typically, the most traumatic experiences in my life have happened on or close to my birthday. When I was a kid I found out my parents were getting a divorce on my birthday. This year I am miscarrying on my birthday. I hate it.

  10. Arizela says:

    My heart breaks for you, Sarah. I wish you an end to the curse and many happy years ahead.



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