Circling Back: Resurrecting the Past

My blog has gone through a half dozen iterations in the last couple of years, and as I get closer to publishing my own fiction, it’s likely going to take even bigger changes in the months and years to come, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my roots. My first blog was dedicated to informing my fellow writers about how to inject a little realism into their treatment of human bodies and psyches. I posted researched articles there about everything from broken bones to zoonotic transmission of disease, and it was good. It was genuinely lovely to read the comments and answer follow-up questions. I missed it.

So today I did something I haven’t done in almost a year – I created a post for Muse Medicine, my original blog. You’ll find the permanent link at the top of my main blog, and I hope that those of you who read here and are interested in writing (or just knowing a little more about disease processes, pregnancy, childbirth, psychological issues, poisons, healing, and just about anything else to do with the human condition) will take a moment to add Muse Medicine to your feeds or bookmark it for future reference. There are occasionally graphic photos and depictions of disease processes and other things that some folks might find disturbing, though, so tread with caution if you’re faint of heart or stomach.

As always, Muse Medicine is open to questions or topic suggestions. You can contact me directly by reading the “Ask Your Questions” page.

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