Compromise, but Never Surrender

So life has been throwing all kinds of torpid feces at my fans this last week. Mostly in the form of a resurgence of fatigue from my heart, still having a baby and her parents in the house, and dealing with the back-to-school stuff for my son.

And it doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon. Next week is all about dental visits, neutered puppies, more driving the niece’s boyfriend back and forth to work, meeting with school officials, buying clothes that are too big for my son so that they’ll fit by the first day of school on Thursday, and errands, errands, errands. I’m tired just thinking about it.


Here at casa del Ari, we do not believe in surrender, oh no. I’m pulling up my big girl britches, making a color-coded schedule for the next two weeks, and buckling down to work (in between unavoidable, exhaustion prompted naps which defy prediction, so there’s your compromise).That said, I’ve got a lot of things on the table that I want to do along with all the things that I must do. Like, oh, I dunno… writing. Maybe blogging. A little research. Reading this fabulous writing advice book I just found.

Wait… what?

I can’t remember how many times I’ve turned my nose up at writing advice books, not because I’m perfect (by any means) or because I disdain help with the long slow slog to writing competently, but rather because almost every writing advice book I’ve put my grubby little hands on prior to this week has been some combination of trite, condescending, shallow, vague, or seizure-inducingly boring. There are definitely exceptions to the rule, and the little gem I picked up for Kindle this week is one of them.

This book has it all – profound, useful advice on writing, publishing, social networking, and living life as a penmonkey, side-splitting humor, ducks up asses, and a seriously foul-mouth. The creative use of profanity alone shoves this book out of the ranks of other writing advice tomes and into entertainment with added value.

If you aren’t a Pen-Muggle and you don’t take the vapors when someone says the word fart, I highly recommend this book and the author’s blog terribleminds.

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