What’s Pink and Sweet and Warm All Over?

A nurse's work is never done.

A healthy newborn baby, of course.

Step one, on my plan to rule the worl- *cough* – er, I mean to become the greatest newborn nurse in the world has been completed. I finished the NCC nursing specialty certification exam last week with a passing score!

That’s probably not very enlightening unless you happen to be a nurse, so let me es’plain. As soon as the official paperwork arrives, I’ll no longer be signing “RN” after my name. Instead, I’ll be signing “RNC” to indicate that I’m an acknowledged expert in my particular specialty of nursing, which happens to be in the neonatal (newborn baby) intensive care. The test was difficult and exacting, the study was grueling but informative, and the rewards do not involve lavish riches (or even a tiny raise). It will, however, look nice on my application for the PhD program I have my eye on. It’ll also look nice on the plaque they have at work for the few of us who have taken and who maintain this national certification.

This also means that I (in theory) have a bit more free time. In practice, I have more time to devote to the dozens of other tasks on my long-ass list.


How are your plans for world domin– er, self-improvement going?

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