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Genre conventions

… and no, I’m not talking those fancon get togethers. The conventions of a genre are the things that a reader comes to expect. So, for instance, if I were to pick up a mystery novel (which I’d NEVER do, … Continue reading

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Working hypothesis

Nursing was supposed to be my life-long pursuit and career and passion. I invested years of training, tens of thousands of dollars, and long hours of ethical thinking, meta-analysis, and professional inquiry to that pursuit. Writing was supposed to be … Continue reading

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On long awaited… rejections

So after 2 months and 5 days, I just got word back from the agent who requested my full manuscript in February. The rejection was nice. Good writing, really cool idea, etc.. Just not quite enough enthusiasm for the project … Continue reading

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Perceptual Bias

Perceptual bias is the lens we automatically filter all of our experiences through. It makes some things seem more noteworthy than others. It guides our reactions and thoughts about what we experience, see, or feel. You cannot get entirely away … Continue reading

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Unexpected occurrences

My son unexpectedly developed appendicitis Tuesday morning, and unexpectedly was rushed to surgery at 3am on Wednesday. Needless to say, my whole week may as well have been flushed after that, but as a writer, I try to use every … Continue reading

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