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Mini Book Review: The Magicians

The Magicians by Lev Grossman was one of the few books recommended to me recently that I picked up and didn’t shortly put back down. I downloaded the sample chapters for iPhone Kindle, and while I didn’t feel exactly swept … Continue reading

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Mini Book Review: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

It’s extraordinarily rare for something as simple as a title or a cover to catch my attention as a reader. I read blurbs. I read reviews. I seek out recommendations from my friends and family. I can think of two … Continue reading

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Fatigue – re: the broken heart

Six weeks ago, my doc and I decided to go up on my medication, bisoprolol – the first one that hasn’t given me either crushing chest pain or crushing depression. I had a glimmer of hope for a while that … Continue reading

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Not Dead

So I haven’t posted in a while. This is a natural consequence of having applied my butt to a chair and my hands to a keyboard in the direction of actually working on my writing for the last couple of … Continue reading

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