So my new cardiologist ordered a test called a Tilt Table Test, also known as a head-up tilt test. The principle is that they strap you to a table in the flat (horizontal) position and monitor your heart rate and blood pressure for a while. Then they “tilt” you up to about 70 degrees from the floor, meaning you’re *almost* standing, but most of your weight is still against the board.

Doesn’t sound so tough, right? Even for me. I can stand up for a good ten minutes before getting tired, and the fatigue I experience with the heart problem isn’t generally so bad that I can’t push through it for a while at least. 45 minutes? Eh. No problem. Mostly, it sounded boring.

Until about 6 minutes into the test anyway. 6 minutes of standing still on a tilted table and my heart rate spiked 40 beats per minute. I became very lightheaded and dazed, and my hands and feet began to hurt, tingle, and then go numb. After 8 minutes of this, when my blood pressure still had not dropped, the technicians called the physician on call and he instructed them to stop the test early.

Tech tells me that my test was “definitely abnormal”. No… really?

Won’t get the results for another 3 weeks. Also, my new doc is questionable about either listening or dictation, too, since he recorded in his visit notes that I am still on the med I went off 6 weeks ago before seeing him. Doh.

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