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So I haven’t been posting much the last couple of weeks (*cough* at all *cough*). Sorry. On the bright side, I’ve been getting a lot done! I’ve finished a couple of my Christmas craft projects, started a couple of others, and stacked my quilting fabric selection up by about 600% over the last two weeks.

I’ve also gotten back into the revision of Hunters, tentatively retitled “The Revision That Never Ends” which is entirely unfair, considering that it’s already made some rounds to agents in its “finished” form and I reopened the revision rounds based on some agent feedback I received. This week, I reread the first 18 chapters, making a few tweaks here or there to bring the dialog up to snappy and tighten the descriptions a bit. Then I scrapped the last 10k words of Hunters1 and all of Hunters2, plotted a new ending with the help and approval of my foremost beta reader (hi, hubby dearest!), and am now drafting the new ending, which should bring the total project from two 80k books to one 120k book with an optional but not necessary sequel waiting in the wings.

On the health front, despite a round of stomach flu on my anniversary weekend (10/15 marked my 13th wedding anniversary), I’m actually feeling better than I have in almost a year. Which is to say that I’m still fatigued almost constantly and I still get short of breath and lightheaded and passy-outy, but with slightly less frequency, and at least the mental fog seems to be lifting. No more major issues with word swapping, new memory lapses, or conceptual issues. Treating myself for POTS, despite only having a tentative diagnosis according to my cardiologist, seems to be improving things a little.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, dear readers.

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