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As an avid reader, nothing seems quite as satisfying as introducing new people to something I love, so I thought, why not give everybody I know that chance? I’ve been reading a bit outside my usual genre lately, and trying to find new things to read inside the genre as well. I’m sure there are tons of great books out there I haven’t come across yet, and I’m sure some of you have read them. How about helping a girl out and making a few suggestions of your favorites?

I prefer books published in the last 10 years (as this is partly a market study) but my guilty little pleasure for reading needs feeding, so give me classics and brand new gems, give me slim volumes and voluminous tomes. Any of the books I read will get reviewed on my blog, and answers to “What you love about it” may be quoted.

For a few of my personal favorites, check out “Arizela’s Reading Room” on the page header. Thanks!

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  1. Adriana says:


  2. arizela says:

    Thanks, Adriana. I’ll check it out.

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