Redesign and Relaunch

This site has been around for almost two and a half years. During that time, I’ve faced health crises, brought home more four-legged friends than I can conveniently count, revised a novel, restarted a life I thought had been closed to me by disability, and changed my point of view on a hundred different fronts.

All of those things, those challenges and choices, windfalls and just plain falls, have contributed to this blog and to the person I am today. I want to honor that past, but it’s also time to move forward. I’m sending my novel-that-never-ends (it ended, at last!) back out into the deep waters, in search of an agent, and I’m relaunching this site under a new domain.

In the next couple of weeks, in between working the kinks out of my queries and sharpening my synopsis, I’ll be shoveling things around here and at Muse Medicine. I anticipate forwarding to my new domain shortly. In the meantime, hold onto your britches, folks. And thanks so much for taking the ride with me.

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