Muse Medicine Quicky – Medicinal Use of Bees

Short post here (believe it or not).

So I was talking to some writer friends today about the medicinal properties of honey. Yep, good old honey. Not the mostly-corn syrup crap they try to pass off as honey in the grocery aisles half the time, but the real thing.

Honey has been a home remedy for a VERY long time, and recently modern Western medicine has taken a new look at this natural miracle. Of course, not all things that are “natural” are good for you – hemlock, nightshade, and sulfuric acid are 100% all natural, too. But in this case, natural honey really does help to prevent infections in minor wounds. With powerful anti-bacterial properties and its acidic pH, honey is a very real remedy.


And the medicinal uses of bees doesn’t end with their pollen by-products. Bee sting therapy is an alternative therapy in some neuromuscular disorders. Bees release a mild muscle relaxant upon stinging that can be beneficial in disorders like multiple sclerosis and certain palsies. Of course, modern Africanized bees wouldn’t really be recommended.

** Don’t forget. This information is presented for fiction ONLY. Do not try these methods at home or anywhere else but the pages of your fiction.**

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