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Muse Medicine Quicky – Medicinal Use of Bees

Short post here (believe it or not). So I was talking to some writer friends today about the medicinal properties of honey. Yep, good old honey. Not the mostly-corn syrup crap they try to pass off as honey in the … Continue reading

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Organic characters

I read a novel a while ago that was wildly popular; it was published on multiple continents by a well known author. I liked the voice, I liked the characters, I liked the depth of the world, I liked the … Continue reading

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Losing words, gaining meaning

I was recently debating whether or not I should write up a tight little synopsis for book 2 of the novel I have out in full to an agent. You know, just in case the agent didn’t make a clerical … Continue reading

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My Broken Heart – an Explanation of IST

A lot of people have asked me questions about my disorder, because even my nurse friends have never heard of it. One of my aunts recently asked me if there was somewhere on the internet she as someone who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Muse Medicine: Body Electric

Question came up in one of the writer’s chats I visit yesterday: What would happen if a major jolt of electricity passed through the brain? A major jolt passing through the brain wouldn’t be dissimilar to passing a major jolt … Continue reading

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