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Searching for the Spark

My sister Kate wasn’t really my sister. She was biologically my aunt. She was also my part-time parental figure and called me her sister because my grandparents (her parents) had more to do with my upbringing than my mother did. … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions

I read an article at the New York Times├é┬árecently about some of the factors influencing decision making – specifically, willpower and blood sugar. As a writer, I make decisions constantly. Do the characters take this path or that one? Is … Continue reading

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Continuing Education for Writers

When I was a teenager, I once ran away from home. My big day out on the town included hitching a ride from my youth minister to church and then having a friend drop me off at the library (both … Continue reading

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Compromise, but Never Surrender

So life has been throwing all kinds of torpid feces at my fans this last week. Mostly in the form of a resurgence of fatigue from my heart, still having a baby and her parents in the house, and dealing … Continue reading

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Baby Blues

I have house guests. Lots of them. Actually, there are three households currently residing in my single-family home. Hubby, son, 3 puppies, cat, and me Sister and her German Shepherd Niece, niece’s boyfriend, and daughter That’s a lot of bodies. … Continue reading

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