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Muse Medicine: PTSD and literary flashbacks

I got a really good question today from a reader of my old blog Muse Medicine. She asked me a question about finding resources and examples of PTSD flashbacks in fiction, and said other than my post on the subject … Continue reading

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Baby Blues

I have house guests. Lots of them. Actually, there are three households currently residing in my single-family home. Hubby, son, 3 puppies, cat, and me Sister and her German Shepherd Niece, niece’s boyfriend, and daughter That’s a lot of bodies. … Continue reading

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Food Culture

An enormously popular author (John Scalzi) recently mentioned almost putting down a book he ended up loving (Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss) because the characters ate stew. Stew… the well-trodden staple of every generic fantasy diet. Stew is … Continue reading

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My Google-rific Day

So today I got the progress meter working (*waves to progress charts link above post*) and I spent some time reading about the plagerism of blog articles.  In particular, the hell hath no fury like the internet out for blood response … Continue reading

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Muse Medicine Quicky – Medicinal Use of Bees

Short post here (believe it or not). So I was talking to some writer friends today about the medicinal properties of honey. Yep, good old honey. Not the mostly-corn syrup crap they try to pass off as honey in the … Continue reading

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