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On Moving On

The last few months have been pretty hectic around here. I’ve taken on a new job that is supposed to have me working one day a week and has proven to be more like full-time plus. I’ve re-enrolled in college … Continue reading

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I Am Not a Platform

I’ve been reading a tremendous amount of stuff lately, mostly linked off Google+ and Twitter, about how writers should safeguard and create their platforms, how they should temper their opinions, withdraw from having any meaningful discourse in matters of politics or … Continue reading

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In the (Personal) News

Life has been a little crazy in my house for the last year or so. I lost a sister this time last year, and another moved in with my family and (happily on all accounts) stayed with us a bit … Continue reading

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Fuck Pink

I like pink. There, I said it. I have a pink wallet and a pink toothbrush, and a pink wool coat with fancy buttons that I only bring out of the closet when I’m feeling particularly sassy. It’s a guilty … Continue reading

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The Cost of Literary Abandon

I’ve been a participant in NaNoWriMo since 2004. I win some. I lose some. This year, though, I decided to step away from the madness and just keep on doing my own thing for November while cheering on my friends … Continue reading

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