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Conversational Blogging for Professionals

In a fit of nostalgia for ye olde Muse Medicine, and because I clearly don’t have enough to do with my time, despite the 90 hours a week I put into this PhD program and the family who likes to … Continue reading

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Loci, not Loki

I’ve been reading a lot lately about a psychological phenomenon called locus of control. Locus of control is a term that indicates where you, consciously or unconsciously, think the control over your life originates. This simple characteristic can have profound … Continue reading

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Redesign and Relaunch

This site has been around for almost two and a half years. During that time, I’ve faced health crises, brought home more four-legged friends than I can conveniently count, revised a novel, restarted a life I thought had been closed … Continue reading

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Muse Medicine: PTSD and literary flashbacks

I got a really good question today from a reader of my old blog Muse Medicine. She asked me a question about finding resources and examples of PTSD flashbacks in fiction, and said other than my post on the subject … Continue reading

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Muse Medicine Relaunch

Exciting times here in Ariville. As a nurse, I often find myself sharing my specialized knowledge with my writing buddies. In years past, this happened so often that eventually it just made sense to put that information down in a … Continue reading

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