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So I went into a PhD program this semester, and through a combination of luck and skill and the kindness of strangers was awarded a fellowship, funded by the NIH, to train as a life course scientist. Basically, they are … Continue reading

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Redesign and Relaunch

This site has been around for almost two and a half years. During that time, I’ve faced health crises, brought home more four-legged friends than I can conveniently count, revised a novel, restarted a life I thought had been closed … Continue reading

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Closing on the Climax

Over the years that I’ve been writing and talking to writers, I’ve discovered people who think that the beginnings are the hardest part. Facing the blank page can be pretty terrifying to some folks, and while I’ve never minded a … Continue reading

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In the (Personal) News

Life has been a little crazy in my house for the last year or so. I lost a sister this time last year, and another moved in with my family and (happily on all accounts) stayed with us a bit … Continue reading

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Searching for the Spark

My sister Kate wasn’t really my sister. She was biologically my aunt. She was also my part-time parental figure and called me her sister because my grandparents (her parents) had more to do with my upbringing than my mother did. … Continue reading

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