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So I went into a PhD program this semester, and through a combination of luck and skill and the kindness of strangers was awarded a fellowship, funded by the NIH, to train as a life course scientist. Basically, they are … Continue reading

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On Chance Occurrences

A few weeks ago, I was driving home from the endless errands that fill my days, and the car 5 lengths in front of mine that was going about 40mph was hit by a truck turning left across three lanes … Continue reading

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Help a girl out

As an avid reader, nothing seems quite as satisfying as introducing new people to something I love, so I thought, why not give everybody I know that chance? I’ve been reading a bit outside my usual genre lately, and trying to … Continue reading

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Wandering Wisdumb 4

Here’s one I learned from my heart-thing, which occasionally causes me to have gaps in memory. I sort of just “lose” chunks of time, and find myself in odd circumstances, particularly when I over do the physical stuff. Suddenly realizing … Continue reading

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Wandering Wisdumb

The older I get, the more I realize that wisdom is kind of a myth. I thought I had a little when I was twenty. I thought I had more when I was thirty, but looking back I realized how … Continue reading

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