The work goes on

I’m writing again, with a big sigh of relief. Actually, I’m rewriting my second novel – it was what grabbed my creative energy and when coming off a low point I don’t quibble with the muse. I am off my previous heart medication, so my brain is actually firing on all cylinders again, and I’ve finally nabbed the idea that is going to turn that train wreck of a novel into something fantastic – maybe.

You never know. Sometimes what seems like an epiphany turns out to be nothing more than a sneaky way for your brain to derail the story. In any case, I’m getting words… lots of words.

All because I realized that I picked the wrong character as the main protagonist. The real story lies with the previous protag’s mother, who has engineered her life and the lives of her children to resurrect a dead god and restore her world’s dying magic. The daughter was really just a pawn through most of the story, even when she rebelled, and that made the whole thing seem… unsatisfying. We’ll see if the plot holds together with the focus shifted a little to the side.

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