Progress and Plodding

I’ve made progress on a few fronts lately – finished the baby quilt, delivered the baby quilt (baby is OMG cute!), and composed most of an article I pitched to an e-zine editor.

I’ve even made a bit of progress on the heart front. The cardiologist finally called me back (only 10 days after he promised to) and has tentatively diagnosed me with a new condition called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) which is basically indistinguishable from IST except that there are a few more treatment options. I start a new medication today which will hopefully address the symptoms I’m having rather than just swamp me in unpleasant side effects.

So why the plodding? Today was a rough day. I got a little over-tired yesterday, and barely had the energy to crawl back to bed by 3pm today, after a day spent sitting in a chair. Not only that, but my cognitive and mental functions are taking a serious hit these last few weeks. I’ve become forgetful (even forgetting where my son goes to school when I had to pick him up sick), swap words constantly, and am having a difficult time with memory, concentration, and attention. So I’m plodding along, doing my best in a situation that leaves a lot to be desired. Next week is going to be devoted primarily to taking care of business (bills, phone calls, and paperwork I’ve been putting off) and finishing up that pesky short story from 2006 and the revisions on Hunters.

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