On long awaited… rejections

So after 2 months and 5 days, I just got word back from the agent who requested my full manuscript in February.

The rejection was nice. Good writing, really cool idea, etc.. Just not quite enough enthusiasm for the project to be its best advocate in this market. The email was encouraging about the novel’s prospects elsewhere, though, and I will definitely be sending out more queries soon.

I was fully expecting a rejection, given that this was my first round of queries on my first query-worthy project and the agent was TOP TIER. I was frankly stunned that he wanted to take a look at the partial, that he enjoyed it enough to ask for the full, and that he actually took the time to read the full. If I don’t manage to find a home for Hunters this year, I’ll likely move on to another project for a while. There’s nothing quite as bad as getting stuck in a rut… even a rut starring a super sexy, leather-clad Jaim.

But until then, I’ll still be plodding along at Hunters 2, which has been getting a major overhaul this week. One thing distance from a story does for me – even a week’s worth while my son recovered from surgery – is really show the weaknesses. This one needs more balance, the timeline is all wrong, a few of the scenes are tinny on the ear, and one plot thread gets dropped entirely from chapter 1.

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  1. Hurray for his encouragement! Keep sending out queries – Hunters will find you an agent yet.

    Yes, it amazes me how I can find problems every time I reread my story after a break. I hope that means I am learning new and better ways to write!

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