Mini Book Review: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

It’s extraordinarily rare for something as simple as a title or a cover to catch my attention as a reader. I read blurbs. I read reviews. I seek out recommendations from my friends and family. I can think of two books in the whole of my adult life that I’ve picked up based on cover art or title.

This is one of them:

Something about that title really caught my imagination. I didn’t even know what genre the book qualified as, but I knew I wanted it. I looked up the author. I discovered that this is classified as science fiction, set in a far future where the zombies are real and humanity is a small village lost in a forest of hands and teeth. I wanted it even more.

Downloaded the Kindle sample chapter for iPhone and I read it all the way to the end. This is one of those books that gives me the feeling people will generally either love it or hate it. Oddly, I love it and hate it. The story was beautiful, the emotion and the characters and the setting were hauntingly, tantalizingly real. And I couldn’t finish it.

Sometimes, no matter how beautiful a story is, no matter how wonderfully imagined and detailed, style matters. This story is written in first person (which I generally don’t get along with, as a rule. Something about all those my me I’s leaves me feeling like I’m reading the tale of a narcissist) and in present tense (*wince*).

In the end, this is a book I would recommend highly to anyone who doesn’t mind present tense, and to anyone who is a writer if they’re looking for something beautiful to study.

WTB version not written in present tense.

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  1. Interesting review. Getting back to my writing has certainly ruined my reading pleasure. The book must be extremely good to get past my critique filters.

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