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Long Lost and Unwelcome Holiday Guests

So I had a little Thanksgiving shindig at my house. I spent the week before shopping for the fixings, hunting for the turkey (a locally produced farm bird), repainting the guest bathroom, cleaning the house, shampooing carpets, and of course … Continue reading

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Life’s a bitch. So is the author.

As a reader, I love, love, love a story where the protagonists have to earn whatever crumb of happiness they get. None of this deus ex machina bullshit. None of this coddling stuff. Luck? What the hell is luck? Certainly not … Continue reading

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Wandering Wisdumb 4

Here’s one I learned from my heart-thing, which occasionally causes me to have gaps in memory. I sort of just “lose” chunks of time, and find myself in odd circumstances, particularly when I over do the physical stuff. Suddenly realizing … Continue reading

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The Good Life

I followed a link from Twitter (thanks, @JustineMusk) tonight to a blog post called How to Cure Deep Procrastination. It poses what seems like a very simple solution to curing real, problem-inducing procrastination, like the kind that gets people bad … Continue reading

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Bringing Out the Big Guns

I try not to post here too often about my heart. Not because it’s an intensely personal issue for me, exactly – it is, and it’s difficult to express how vulnerable I feel when someone asks me how my heart … Continue reading

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