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Another Great Resource

If you have any interest in science or writing science fiction, you might want to take a peek behind this link. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute publishes talks and DVDs on a variety of topics and distributes them free of … Continue reading

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Circling Back: Resurrecting the Past

My blog has gone through a half dozen iterations in the last couple of years, and as I get closer to publishing my own fiction, it’s likely going to take even bigger changes in the months and years to come, … Continue reading

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The Birthday Curse

I joke about my birthday being cursed. … … well, mostly joke. On or within a week of my various birthdays, 34 of them now behind me, I have buried my grandfather, watched my house burn to ashes, suffered through the flu and … Continue reading

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Private postings

I’m going to be posting a few things from time to time that are password protected. It’s just easier than maintaining a separate site for my more personal ramblings. I’m pretty much an open book, but there are some things … Continue reading

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Writing Software

I have struggled for years to find a good solution to writing a full-length novel on the computer. I tend to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of words on the screen once a project hits 7k or so in … Continue reading

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