Introducing Wheatley

Well, we had two adorable puppies. Now we have three!

Welcome our newest family member, Wheatley. Wheatley is an 11 week old Boston Terrier pup who joined us from a lovely breeder in Cleveland. We’re working on integrating him with our current herd of dogs, cats, and people, and he is settling in nicely. Just to eek out a bit more puppy cute, here are Rosie and Tennant in the car on the way to pick up Mr. Wheatley. 9 hour drives, two little puppies, and a boy with a broken foot. Still, I think he was worth it.

Also, in commemoration for currently having 4 dogs and a cat in the house, along with 4 people…

I am planning to join Puppies Anonymous.

Hello, my name is Arizela and I am a puppy-holic.

There’s got to be a 12 step program for addiction to adorable, right? Right?

As promised, here’s a pic of our new roommie, Apollo. Rosie and Tennant are in the picture for scale.


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  1. Ariana says:

    The dogs are SOOOO CUTE! Wish I could have one again but since a parent is allergic I can’t

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