Spring fever and vacation brain

So my little get away with hubby in the mountains was surprisingly productive. I finished off the synopsis for Hunters2, and wrote nearly 16k words on Hunters2 (which is not what I’m supposed to be working on, for the record), between doing the relaxing stuff and the touristy stuff.

And now that I’m back… my brain has become a lazy bum, trying to pretend we’re still on vacation and it doesn’t really need to function. Getting it to work these days is like trying to herd cats. Shiny things distract it, like video games and television and watching the weather change outside the window.

It’s spring here, by the way. The daffodils confirm it. And there’s a little lady cardinal that keeps pecking on the window beside my desk with her bright red beak and scaring the crap out of me. I adore spring and autumn too, when it’s a bit nippy in the mornings and the trees are waking up or nodding off for the winter. I love to be OUT in it, but alas, the broken heart and the new change in my meds mean I don’t go anywhere without assistance. Better to be unconscious in ones own house than on the sidewalk two blocks over, I say.

Smoky Mountain National Park

Maybe those factors are ganging up on me. Spring fever, cabin fever, and a brain that just doesn’t want to let go of a vacation fancy.

How do you deal with a restless mind when it gets in the way of your writing?

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