Baby Blues

I have house guests. Lots of them. Actually, there are three households currently residing in my single-family home.

  • Hubby, son, 3 puppies, cat, and me
  • Sister and her German Shepherd
  • Niece, niece’s boyfriend, and daughter

That’s a lot of bodies. All that said, the house doesn’t feel over-crowded. Aside from barely getting any sleep, I have enjoyed the week with the new baby Lily and her parents in the house. Hopefully, they’ll all be feeling better and ready to go home in another couple of days, but I’m happy to have them in the meantime.

That said, my writing, and blogging, have suffered from the lack of time, energy, and sleep. I do have a new question to post about on Muse Medicine, but it probably won’t go live until Wednesday. Check back next week for some of the gory details of field amputation and cautery.

To tide you over until next time, ninja baby cute attack!

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